E-Sport is a particular branch grouping together all the competitive video games. It allows millions of gamers around the world to live their passion for gaming differently by competing in the most high-profile competitions. This kind of competition interests many fans who come to fill stadiums to cheer on their favorite teams. Faced with this fast-moving sector, bookmakers also invite themselves into the game to offer bets on major video game competitions. These bets include e-sport accumulators.

Bet small to discover how betting works in e-Sport

Some specialized sites offer e-Sport betting. In order to play legally, punters must create a personal account with a bookmaker of their choice. This step is essential for the security of each player because betting in e-Sport is one of the online betting activities that require a certain amount of vigilance. The best way to start betting in e-Sport is to bet small. The goal is to give yourself enough time to test the e-Sports betting site you have chosen.

With this method, you can be sure that you can trust or not the site to bet on a regular basis. Otherwise, there are sites offering bets on many leagues and competitions, offering tips to help bettors boost their winnings. Indeed, they offer the possibility of combining selections into multiple bets and accumulators to receive higher odds and enjoy greater rewards. Simply put, it is easy to bet on e-Sport, as the practice is almost similar to traditional sports betting.

Playing with bonuses

The bonuses represent a specific asset to multiply your e-Sport winnings. In order to obtain them, there are certain criteria that every bettor must meet, not only to collect his winnings, but also to receive bonuses. Therefore, to win, it is best to follow the instructions to the letter, starting by betting your bonus a total of five times. Also, when betting on e-Sports accumulators, all bets must be placed at odds of 1.40 or higher. Note that each accumulator bet must have at least three or more events. Thereupon, the bonus remains intact only after all bets considered as part of the wagers have been cleared.

Soliciting players to collect accumulator bets to play with their bonus is a better idea. Fans of e-Sport have a certain amount of control over events, which allows them to take advantage of the multi-stake play. While there is a tendency to closely follow the rhythm of a few “Teams”, accumulator bets remain an excellent alternative for cashing in additional winnings. Also, keep in mind that odds and events are likely to fluctuate. But with a solid collection of gambling options, it is possible to bet on winning bets.

Know the conditions required by the bet

The different competitions in e-Sport correspond to several types of bets. Depending on the type of bets chosen, you can have different odds. In other words, betting on e-Sport is done by placing money on a type of bet whose odds determine the winnings to be collected. The bettor wins when his bet is correct and meets the condition required by the bookmaker. It is therefore important to be familiar with the world of e-Sport before taking the next bets:

– The simple bet: a kind of bet that allows the player to bet on the victory of one team or another;

– The combined bet: this allows the bettor to combine several events while multiplying several odds between them. He wins if all the events are right. With this kind of bet, you have a better chance of boosting your winnings.

– Live betting: this is the particularity of e-Sport. Bettors have the opportunity to follow all the competitions live during the matches.