The “Sports Bet”, or commonly referred to as “sports betting” has a long history and has existed since the dawn of time. Indeed; as explained in this historical section, we have not yet been able to determine the origin of sports betting. Until now, its appearance can be traced back to the first evidence of antiquity. Discover the origin of Sports Betting in some countries around the world through history.

The Origin of Sports Betting: Antiquity

According to the theories of analysis, sports betting has been present since prehistory. Of course, bets are not made with money, and money does not yet exist. And now we know the passion and love of the Greeks for sports. In fact, they liked to host large-scale sporting events, such as the Olympic Games. The history of Sport Bet goes back 2000 years, and the Greek people can take this opportunity to bet on the success of their favorite athletes.

The Games in Corinth and Delphi are various events close to the Olympic Games, and they are also great opportunities for people to bet on their favorite sporting events. However, the safest way to pay the athletes is to allow foreigners to pay the entry fee via the ticket office, and sports betting is also organized to earn money for the match. Sports betting has in fact always existed.

The Romans were also the first sports bettors, thanks in part to the famous gladiator sports, the most historic of which archaeologists have identified took place in 264 BC. Moreover, around a century B.C., sports competitions also included wild animal battles, chariot races and even more brutal competitions, the death penalty and duels between cats, so of course gladiators as well. In this form of entertainment, Roman civilization had a greater influence on money.

Anecdotes of Sports Bet in England

Legal sports betting first appeared in the United Kingdom in 1930, about 40 years after France. That said, the increase is becoming more and more significant, and today we see that the British are playing more than the French. In 1646, the practice of sports betting was first offered and mentioned in cricket matches. This famous ordinary game, the British aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, trained the aristocracy to participate in sports betting games to relax or to get a small bonus. Indeed, at the source, sports betting was not created to win large sums of money, at least not in this context.

The annals of Sports Bet in France

In France, regulated sports betting appeared in 1887 and 1891, establishing a principle of coordination that included the sharing of bets between athletes. But in addition to the practices of the Middle Ages, the tennis courts of Versailles also triggered a new world of sports betting. Since the end of the 16th century, this game has been seen appearing on the court.

In 1527, Francis I formally established the professional level of sport so that the income and salary of portable athletes could reach the same level. Moreover, gambling and gambling of chance have made this sport a profession for many people. Without question, the expansion of sports betting will only happen because it was previously practiced by the upper class. Then, palm games showed the first signs of sports betting.

In addition, Louis XIII and Louis XIV tried to limit the number of palm playgrounds to promote other entertainment such as golf, billiards, sailing and archery competitions, among others. In the 17th century, the practice of other sports activities diversified. This is also the source of new bets.