With the evolution of the world of electronic sports, Blizzard Entertainment began creating Overwatch in 2013. Over time, the studio began to establish competitions and set up the Overwatch league. To better understand the process of online overwatches, we provide some explanations here.

How Overwatch works

For games, teams must win in order to increase their score during the regular season. Usually, the game is played in 4 games on 4 different cards. In case of a tie, a fifth card will be brought to the game.

During the playoffs, teams have to win two games. During these games, they have to win three games on three different cards. This would allow them to win the title of season champions.

In order to motivate the teams, improvements have been made to the aesthetics. Indeed, the teams are provided with skins showing their specificities including colors, logos, and names.

Nevertheless, players have the possibility to get these skins on each character in exchange for tokens. The token is a special currency for the game. However, in order to obtain tokens, real money is required at the time of purchase. Teams receive a share of their team’s skins income.

If you are a beginner in this world, you can train in quick mode. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the basics of each role and test each hero. This will allow you to identify the style of play that suits you.

Seasons Overview

One month before the regular season, teams start playing exhibition games that are broadcast live. This gives them the opportunity to practice. This pre-season lasts three days.

Thereafter, the regular season is divided into 4 stages. Each stage consists of 5 weeks separated by a 10-day break. Every week there are 3 to 4 games from Wednesday to Saturday at the Blizzard Arena.

The final score of the season as well as the qualification is influenced by the triumphs as well as the failures during the different stages. At each close of the regular season, teams receive performance bonuses according to their rankings.

At the end of a phase, the first three teams of the five weeks will face each other in two prestige matches. The bonus at stake is equivalent to 100 00 dollars.

The playoffs and the final phase

At the end of phase 4, 6 teams will remain qualified for the playoffs. They will face each other to win the title of champions of the season and to win the trophy of the Overwatch League.

In both divisions, the first teams are classified for playoffs and then move on to the semi-finals. The remaining top four teams are selected for the playoffs and are placed in the quarter-finals regardless of their division.

In the quarter finals, the sixth team in the standings will play the third team while the fifth team will play the fourth team.

During the semi-finals, the team that had the last ranking in the quarter-finals will face the first team in the ranking while the team in the lead of the ranking will face the other qualified team directly in the semi-finals. At the end, the winners will compete for the title of champions in the final.

At the final, various prizes are offered to the players to reward them. There is the main prize for the best player during the whole season. The player who has had a very positive impact on the community also receives a prize. Also, the best new player of the season is congratulated. In 2020, a new award has been introduced. It is the award for the best coach.