Slot machines have undergone a great evolution over time. Among the most well known symbols are the Wild and the Scatter. While some machines have only these two types of symbols, others do not. Nevertheless, they are very valuable. To learn more about the advantages of these symbols, read through the article.

Scatter Symbol Overview

Those who are familiar with online slot machines usually already have some knowledge of how the Scatter works. Beginners may not yet know how it works. This may vary from machine to machine. However, the main role of a Scatter is to activate either a free game or a bonus game.

Before you can trigger a Scatter, you need to find it many times on a line. While some machines require the alignment of 3 symbols before triggering the Scatter, others only require the alignment of 2 symbols.

Nevertheless, it is important to check the Paytable to see if the scatter symbol is a payout symbol or not on the slot machine you have chosen. These symbols are found in many popular industry games.

How the Wild Symbol Works

Among the most famous symbols is the Wild. It is an important symbol that is used to form a winning combination. Among other things, the wild symbol plays a similar role to the joker as it does to the card game. It can replace any other symbol on the reel. However, these symbols cannot replace the Scatter.

Wild symbols can also vary between slot machines. They can form their own winning combinations to make them even more attractive.

Newer generation games have a variety of Wild symbols. Here are a few examples of wild symbols from different casino games. These include Shifting Wilds, Wandering Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Trailing Wilds, and Expanding Wilds. If you get an Expanding Wild symbol on Rolls 1, 2, and 3, you have a chance to win the jackpot.

Win more with Wild symbols

Of course, slot machines are essentially games of chance, in which the player places his bet and waits for the machine to automatically start. However, the chance of winning can be influenced by the choice of machine.

It is essential to choose machines with symbols that can bring in a lot of winnings. The two symbols most recognized as payout symbols include the wild symbol and the scatter symbol.

However, it should be noted that wild symbols do not appear under the control of players. They appear randomly on the reels. Thus, it is largely up to your luck. The luckiest players can get Wilds on all 5 reels. This allows them to win a significant amount of money.

Before playing, the player should check the paytable to see which symbols work as Wilds, which symbols they can replace, and which Wilds are available.

Advantages of the Scatter Symbol

It is possible that the Scatter symbol is more expensive compared to other symbols. In fact, it is the symbol that holds the highest payout in casinos. Like the Wilds, scatters are quite rare. So you shouldn’t expect them to appear all the time.

To get a payout, players don’t have to line up symbols in a specific line.  When multiple scatter symbols arrive on the reel, they can trigger a set of free spins or bonuses, guaranteeing players big prize